Okay, I have not been blogging much lately. That’s an understatement. But I recently went into the old cPanel and updated my WordPress. And found I needed a new theme, because the old one was messed up. High time, so no trouble.

I kind of like this theme, though I miss my subway-banner. And I love the Extended Live Archive. (Um, correction: I loved it until it disappeared!) And where did my blogroll go? Links are still in the admin section of the account, but I cannot see them displayed. This is what I get for doing a hasty upgrade. If I used to link to you, be assured, I will be again soon!
Anyway, I need a theme with widgets. Widgets are cool, widgets move with you, when you change the wallpaper, if the mixed metaphors of that are not too much.

Update 2/4: Missbhavens has pointed out that the comment function has also gone awol. Yikes. I hate this! I need time to come in here and sort it out. Please bear with me!

Would someone also explain why, since my comment function is not working, why I just had to go in and delete 38 of the nastiest comment-spams you ever read from my spam filter? Just curious…